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Nov 4, 2013 5:30am PST
behind -- this roman tie has -- with last yours event canceled because of superstorm sandy, he was itching to make a return to his favorite stomping ground. finish, kept a low profile for the first 20 look back as he shielded himself from the wind. --won in eight hours and 23 -- eight minutes, and 23 seconds. making her move at the 16 mile into central park for the final stretch. minutes, seven seconds. the new york prize was $100,000. seventh consecutive victory, already will chip income he beat red bull teammate mark webber. fernando alonso took fifth ahead of paul directs the and lewis hamilton. the penalties him a grand of action before the final show in -- the chevrolet cars were hogging the limelight. some chilton and frenchman even mueller.evan victory onured the the line. that secure them the trophy. led a light finish as his honda -- they took the checkered flag. numbered michelle s held the final place on the podium. today, we pay tribute to the two french journalists killed in molly -- in mali. actors bring a major site into the real world. emotions are running high
Nov 1, 2013 2:30pm PDT
, sampling and testing its water for signs of pollution. because of sandy soils and the soluble limestone-bedrock geology in this part of florida, rivers here run above ground and then flow underground through sinkholes. above ground, water can be sampled directly. but underground, the water fills and moves through the porous rock aquifer. this water can be accessed through a series of wells. the aquifer water here, the water that's contained in the rocks in the very small, microscopic, pore spaces within the rock, is what's utilized for drinking water and, actually, allater, so agriculture-irrigation water, bottling water, any kind of water usage is almost all from ground water. narrator: by carefully measuring the depth of ground water, main's team can calculate how much is being used. 17.29. they also record the water's chemical composition to determine nutrient levels that could adversely affect the health of the water. okay, we're ready to sample. narrator: one key nutrient they sample for is nitrate. actually, nitrate is regulated in drinking water standards by the environmental pro
Nov 2, 2013 2:30pm PDT
is back on sunday after being canceled in the aftermath of hurricane sandy last year. there will be special security measures in place after the bomb attack at the boston marathon early this year. >> this is an event where athletic competition is overshadowed by safety precautions. security has increased massively throughout the big apple. position inthe police departmens consulting with colleagues in boston. in the wake of the bombing in woundedast april, which 260. some of the amateur runners are apprehensive, including jennifer beir. old i had my nine-year- been selected, she asked me if there would be a bomb. kellyice commissioner ray is confident, talking about the 2000 and security cameras and five helicopters with specially trained dogs trained to find explosives. >> this will be as safe as it has ever been. >> 26 miles and in manhattan's central park. some 4000 art started to take part in the race, this will attract people from all over the world. is overcome with smoke as two of the most famous landmarks in australia can barely be seen, the sydney bridge and
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3